【Upcoming Mosaic Art Class Dates for 31st May - July】



This beautifult photo frame is embellished with a little seaside details🐚. The mixed media used includes shells, avalone, glasses, china ceramic, gravel for water tank, glass gems, mirrors and beads. Mrs M carefully placed these objects appreciating the color of each pieces. Using the white color grout successfully made this piece look very fresh and airy✨



◼︎ Upcoming Class Dates


< May >


31st Thurs 10:00 ~ 15:30


< June > 


7th Thur 10:00 〜 15:30

15th Fri 10:00 〜 15:30

27th Wed 10:00 〜 15:30


Max. 6 places


◼︎ Class Fee


1、First class:£45


You can then decide whether you’d like to take further classes or which class you'd like to take.  


2、One day course:£55 

3、A five class pass:£45 per class. £225 in total.


The pass will expire in 4 months from the day you purchased it.


◼︎ Cancellation Policy


1)One day class


No cancellation fee is required if cancelled at least 1 week (7 calendar days) before your class starts.


2)5 days class pass


A class can be transferred to another day if cancelled giving 1 week (7 calender days) notice when you have the 5 class pass. 


◼︎ Booking & Payment Policy


Please send an email to enrol with these details.   


1)Which class you would like to take e.g. First class, One day class, 5 day class pass.

2)Which day you would like to attend.

3)Full name.

4)Email address: If you have Paypal account, please send the email address you registered to Paypalaccount with.  

5)Mobile no: It will only be used if you had any problem of access etc. on the day the class takes place.  

6)Rough idea or design of what you would like to make if you have any. 


  • The full payment is required at the time of booking and it has to be received by the tutor before the class starts. 
  • Secure payment is being made by Paypal email service if you have Paypal accound. If not, you can send the class fee by bank transfer. 
  • If you cancel a place on one day class giving at least 1 week notice, you will be entitled to a full refund.
  • If you purchased the 5 class pass and cancel a place at least 1 week before the class is due to start, you will be entitled to set another day to attend. If you cancelled more than 1 occasion, no refund will be made and you can not transfer the class date.
  • If the tutor canceled the class due to unforeseeable circumstances, a full refund will be given.  
  • Refund will be processed either by Paypal email or bank transfer as soon as the cancellasion was made. 


◼︎ Materials


  • Most of the materials are included in the class fee except some larger MDF boards and gold colored tile (£1 per glass tesserae). The details can be sent.
  • Supplier details can also be provided if you would like to buy materials yourself before you attend the class.


◼︎ Enquiry / Book Places


If you have any further enquiry, please send an email to